Earth Pigment Series

I created the ‘Prelude’ series using earth pigments and mixed media as I have always been drawn to textures and marks on old urban buildings that have been covered with layer upon layer of washes of paint, and the scratches, marks and graffiti left by passing of humans. The pigments dry with their rich, dense earthy tones and ables me to drape the veils of pale washes, shading the secret of time. There is a wonderful earthiness to these pigments; that have an ancient yet modern feel about them. The method is similar to the old tradition of limewashing walls. I find the medium resonates with my art practice, due to its versatile nature on which I am able to develop a vocabulary the diversity of techniques to create marks and textures. This work is based on the how humans interact and leave their marks and on the land, and how technology that is essential means of communication invades the space with overhead cables and wire forming the dualities; of the concept of space (negative )and formed matter (positive), absence and presence, heaviness and lightness, emptiness and fullness.

The steel wires are almost invisible in daylight but one becomes aware of them with an artificial light source, as they cast a shadow on the surface, giving the painting an almost three dimensional aspect.