Artist Statement

Born in Kenya, Bina is a multidisciplinary contemporary artist is based in London. Her background in illustration can still influence much of her work.

She translates her endless source of inspiration from natural and urban environments through its textures, colour, patterns in the sequences of seasons, often focusing on small details employing a close relationship with mediums; using cold wax painting techniques, printmaking, ceramics and often mixing materials and methods which become a dominant driver in her work. Prefers to use hard surfaces, which allow her to use a more diverse range of materials, tools and techniques to create layers,  textures and reveal undertones.  Her works evolves as a result of experimenting with different materials and techniques, which leads to unexpected discoveries and an uncertain resonance to explore and develop further. Often incorporating indigenous materials like peat ash, slate dust, soot etc., and through a process of continual layering,  etching, abrasion and deconstruction a surface is established and the resulting image is often ambiguous, challenging perception of the viewer to find their own definition and narrative or may at times echo memories of a place evoking an emotional response.

Her work conveys a sense of contemplative abstract familiarity.